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Function documentationEvent GC_EVENT_DISLAY for Form GUIBBs


This is a standard event for form GUIBBs, that is triggered from a button on the screen. The name of this button can be freely defined in your application, and the way your code reacts to the event is also up to you. So this is basically a very generic event that can be reused by many applications.

Example Example

Code example for standard event for forms:

End of the example.

Syntax Syntax

  1. CASE iv_eventid->mv_event_id.
  2. WHEN gc_event_display.
  3. * 1. code to run your report/call function module etc, 
  4. * that generates e.g pdf.
  5. 	CALL METHOD me->produce_form
  7. 				ev_pdf_content       = lv_output_content
  8. 				et_messages          = et_messages
  9. 			CHANGING
  10. 				cs_screen_parameters = <ls_screen_parameters>.
  11. * 2 .code to put e.g. pdf into the document container:
  12. 		mo_document_container->set_document(
  13. 			iv_content         = lv_output_content
  14. 			iv_content_type    = cl_hrgrt_document_container=>gc_doc_type-pdf
  15. 			iv_header_text     = lv_header_text ).  
  16. ENDCASE.
End of the code.