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 Loading EH&S Easy Expert Sets of Rules


  • In Customizing for Basic Data and Tools you have processed the IMG activities Specify Groups and Specify Group Trees and Assign Groups .

  • You have already created and saved EH&S Easy Expert sets of rules.


  1. In the specification workbench hit list, choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Sets of Rules Next navigation step Load End of the navigation path .

    The Expert Set of Rules dialog box appears.

    Note Note

    It is possible to load and edit EH&S Easy Expert sets of rules without selecting specifications in the hit list. You must, however, select specifications in order to be able to execute the set of rules.

    End of the note.
  2. From the tree structure, choose the required set of rules by double-clicking it.

    The Easy Expert Display Set of Rules screen appears.


You have loaded the required EH&S Easy Expert set of rules. You can now execute or edit the set of rules.

Note Note

For more information about groups, see Group Overview .

End of the note.