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You have the option of archiving business partners directly, or first flagging them for archiving and deleting them later. In this way the volume of data is reduced and performance is improved.

For more information on archiving, Data Archiving (CA-ARC) , as well as the documentation to the archiving object CA_BUPA (transaction SARA).


  • In the Archive Retrieval Configurator (transaction SARJ ) you activate the archive information structure, CA_BUPA_ALL , supplied by SAP or you define your own .

    This is necessary in order to receive information about the archived business partner data after the archiving process. You can display this information in the menu in the Business Partner dialog.

  • Check that you have made the correct system settings for archiving in Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Web Application Server Next navigation step System Administration Next navigation step Data Archiving Next navigation step Archiving Object-Specific Customizing End of the navigation path .


In archiving administration (transaction SARA) you undertake the archiving of business partner data and then delete this data afterwards.


You can set an archiving flag in one of the following ways:

  • Manual setting of the indicator for the archiving flag in the Business Partner dialog on the tab page Status

  • Set the archiving flag during data cleansing

  • Set the archiving flag with the help of the transaction Set Deletion or Archiving Flag (BUPA_PRE_DA)

Choose the pushbutton Write to schedule and start the write program for the creation of archive files.

During the write program, the system checks whether the business partners intended for archiving are still being actively used. These checks are defined in the BDT event ARCH1. You can also define other checks here.

You start the delete program to remove the archived data from your database by choosing the pushbutton Delete .

Note Note

You also need to make the following changes for the archiving of user-defined tables in Business Partner:

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  1. Creation of new function modules for the BDT events ARCH3 (write) and ARCH4 (delete)

  2. Addition of the function module in the BDT (transaction BUS7)

  3. Extension of the structure definition using its own tables (transaction AOBJ)

Functions in the Business Partner Dialog in the SAP GUI

Status of a Business Partner

You recognize a business partner flagged for archiving, by a yellow marking in the hit list of the locator .

If you select this business partner, you receive a message to inform you of the status of the business partner. We recommend that you do not make any more changes to this business partner, or reset the indicator for the archiving flag.

Archived Data

You can find and display the archived data in the menu of the Business Partner interface by going to Environment -> Archived Data in the menu.