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 EH&S Expert Explanation Component


The EH&S Expert explanation component provides hazardous substance experts and dangerous goods experts with immediate and subsequent explanations of how secondary data was determined . In table form, the EH&S Expert explanation component visualizes which primary data, rules, and conditions led to the results.

The developer of the rule set controls the type and level of detail of the explanation using additional syntax elements within the rule set. Values not taken into account by the rule-set developer, such as irrelevant interim results, are ignored accordingly. With this selection, the rule-set developer ensures that the explanation is as clear as possible.


With the user exit parameter EXPERT_EXPLANATION_DISPLAY and EXPERT_EXPLANATION_SAVE, you can specify in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools for each separate set of rules whether the system creates and saves explanations. Explanations are saved in the form of user-defined texts in the specification database. If saving of the explanation is deactivated and display is activated, the explanation is displayed once directly after the set of rules has run and is then discarded.

If saving is activated, you can also refer back to the explanation later. You can thus keep a permanent record to verify and clarify results. With mass data changes and rule-set passes in the background, you need to save the explanation if you want to refer to it.

You can extend existing rule sets if you want to generate a detailed explanation. For this purpose and when you create new sets of rules, in addition to normal rules you can also use the rule editor . If you dispense completely with explanation rules in a rule set, the system provides a minimum explanation in the form of a table containing IN and OUT facts .

The EH&S Expert explanation component is not available for the EH&S Easy Expert .