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A role describes an attribute or characteristic of a user from a commercial perspective.

Roles are formulated with reference to:

  • One or more application objects.

  • Application data.

Example Example

Role: Role: "Accounting Clerk Incoming Payment"

End of the example.


Roles are used in payment processing to distinguish between or determine clerks processing clarification cases.


Each role has a role parameter defining the attributes by which restrictions for particular accounting clerks can be laid down.

Example Example

You can use the role parameters to define that the responsibility for a certain case is to be determined by the payment amount. Different responsibilities can be defined for each role for the "payment amount" attribute. For example, you could designate an amount from 0 - 1000 EUR for responsibility 1 and an amount from 0 - 1000000 EUR for responsibility 2.

End of the example.