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Function documentationTalent Profile for Employees


In the talent profile, as an employee you define all information relevant to Talent Management, for example, about your professional background, education, mobility, and so on.


Your manager and the talent management specialist responsible for you in the personnel department can see the information that you define in the talent profile.


For you to be able to display a print preview of the talent profile, Adobe Reader must be installed on your PC.


In the standard SAP system, you can define information for the following categories:

  • Internal Work Experience

    The jobs that you last held in the enterprise are displayed. You can also enter the projects in which you were or are involved.

  • External Work Experience

    You enter details for the tasks that you performed in enterprises other than your current enterprise.

  • Education

    You enter details of your school leaving certificate, vocational training, studies, and so on. For each entry related to education that you store in the talent profile, you must state whether this is your highest educational degree.

  • Accomplishments

    You enter details of personal or professional activities through which you have gained particular experience.

  • Career Goal

    You enter whether you want to pursue a management career or a functional career, for example. You can also enter the type of job you are aiming for.

  • Mobility

    You enter whether you are mobile, meaning whether you are prepared to relocate if you were offered an appropriate job. You can also enter the countries or regions in which you would like to work and those in which you would not like to work.

  • Qualifications

    You can display and edit your qualifications. You can also compare your qualifications profile with the qualifications required for your position.

  • Development

    You can display your learning activities here. The courses that are defined as mandatory courses for you are also displayed.

You can display a print preview of the talent profile as a PDF file and then print the profile. For more information, see Talent Profile in Print Format.