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 Finding Objects for Qualifications


You can use this evaluation to find objects (persons, applicants, companies, and so on) with specific qualifications. You can specify the exact proficiencies required for each qualification, and define criteria to restrict the search to fewer objects. You can also check the availability of persons.

Use this evaluation if you want to:

  • Find persons with specific qualifications

  • Select applicants with the appropriate qualifications

  • Identify companies or customers that fulfill specific criteria

  • Identify employees in a personnel area who are overqualified or underqualified in certain respects



The following selection options are available:

  • Qualifications for which objects are to be found - you can select qualifications in various ways:

  • You can select the qualifications you are looking for from the qualifications catalog.

  • You can use the qualifications and requirements profiles of objects as copy templates, and change the specifications as required.

Note Note

You can also call up this search function from the structural display for an organizational unit. When you select an object, its qualifications/requirements are written to the search criteria directly.

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  • The proficiency of each qualification required

  • You can specify a proficiency range or individual values.

  • You can specify an operator and in this way impose more conditions on proficiencies - for example, >= (standard setting) or <= for individual values.

  • Whether the qualification is an essential qualification

Note Note

If you flag this option, the system will only display objects that fulfill these essential requirements. The corresponding flag in the User-Specific Settings is not taken into account here.

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  • Key date for the evaluation

  • Restrict your search to specific object types (for example, only persons and users, only applicants, and so on)

Note Note

If you want to check availability (see below), the object type Person must be one of the object types allowed.

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  • Define more criteria to restrict your search even further (for example, only persons from a specific organizational unit or personnel area)

  • Restrict your hit list to persons who are available for a specific number of days in a planning period

Note Note

When you run the Find Objects for Qualifications search function, the system first of all looks to see which objects hold the qualifications in question on the reporting key date. The availability of the persons selected is then checked. An additional check is not run to see if the persons also hold the qualifications in the availability period. For this reason, check the relationship period of the qualification (you can do this by looking at the Start date and End date columns in the output list, or by looking in the person’s Qualifications subprofile).

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You can save all your search criteria as a variant, and use this variant for future searches.


The system outputs a list of objects that fulfill the selection criteria specified, and which are available (if applicable).

Note Note

By double-clicking on a line in this list, you can go directly to profile maintenance for the object in question.

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This list can contain the following fields:



Qualification fulfilled

Number of qualifications fulfilled


Name of the object


Name of qualification

Proficiency name

Name of the proficiency


Numeric value of proficiency

Alternative qualification fulfilled

Number of alternative qualifications fulfilled

Is qualification

The qualification is one of the qualifications specified in the selection criteria

Is alternative qualification

The qualification is an alternative qualification for one of the qualifications specified in the selection criteria

Start date

Start date of the relationship to the qualification

End date

End date of the relationship to the qualification

Availability date

Date on which a person is available


Qualification fulfilled



Proficiency name


Julia Drake




Native speaker

Robert Schwarz


Very good




Martin Becker