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 Clarification in the General Ledger


Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable does not provide clarification processing for the reconciliation of cashed checks in the check clearing account in the general ledger. Therefore, only the age of the open item can provide indication of a possible need for clarification. However, you can carry out manual clearing at any time.

If a replacement check was issued for an automatically numbered check, this no longer has the same assignment number as the payment document. The items cannot therefore be cleared automatically in the check clearing account with program SAPF124. Instead, you have to carry out clearing manually. To determine which number was assigned for a replacement check, select the checks issued for the payment document in Check Management for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable. You can then carry out the clearing manually in the general ledger.

The first character of the check number of the replacement check can also provide information about the number of the original check (see Check Number Assignment ).