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 Succession Overview for an Organizational Unit


This report displays an overview of the succession scenarios for all the positions of an organizational unit. Potential successors are determined for every position. You can also use the planning criteria available for succession planning here.

Use this evaluation if you want to:

  • Get an overview of the succession situation in an organizational unit at various times in the future

  • Identify succession planning gaps in an organizational unit

  • Estimate the need for training and development in an organizational unit

  • Gather information for personnel planning



The following selection options are available:

  • Selection of one or more organizational units for which you want to generate a succession overview

  • Key date for the evaluation

  • Determination of suitability of potential successors (suitability percentage and suitability ranges)

Note Note

The suitability of the best potential successor is always displayed in the succession overview.

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A list is output showing the number of potential candidates found for every position in the organizational unit. This list is broken down by planning criterion. This list can contain the following fields:



Object name

Name of the position

Qualification exists

Number of objects with suitable qualifications for this position

Potential exists

Number of objects with potential for this position

Preference expressed

Number of objects who have expressed a preference for this position


Number of objects designated for this position


Number of objects involved in the careers to which this position belongs

Number of candidates found

Total number of potential successors found for this position

Suitability percentage


Suitability range


For information on how to navigate from the results list, see Generating a Succession Overview for an Organizational Unit .


Object name

Qualification exists

Potential exists

Number of candidates found

Head of sales dept.




CEO’s assistant




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