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 Editing Rules


You have started the rule editor and created a new rule or loaded an existing rule (see Using the Rule Editor ).


  1. If you want to use data from compositions in the rule, in the Composition field choose the corresponding value assignment type.

  2. The system inserts the Components branch into the overview tree below the Identification (numbers, names, chemical formulas) branch. This contains the fields of the Composition tab page from the value assignment type of the type Composition .

    By selecting a composition, this means that all created facts are now assigned to the composition. While editing rules, if you want to assign characteristics of other value assignment types, identifiers, header data, and so on, to the rules using drag & drop, you must first choose NONE in the Composition field.

  3. The sequence in which the rules are executed corresponds with the data dependency strategy (see When Is a Rule Executed? ). If you want the rules to be executed explicitly according to certain other rules, enter the latter in the Depends on Rules field. You can assign the other rules from the rule tree to the field by simply using drag & drop.

  4. If you want to control the sequence in which the rules are executed using special commands in the ToDo field (see Control of the Rule Execution Process ), then assign the rule to a rule group as follows:

  1. Position the cursor in the rule tree window in the <Path>\<file name>:Rules screen.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step New Next navigation step Group End of the navigation path .

  3. Choose the rule in the rule tree and assign it to the group using drag & drop.

  1. Enter a description for the rule if required.

  2. Under Condition (IF) define the conditions that must be fulfilled so that the activities under List of ToDo's (THEN) are performed.

  3. Under List of ToDo's (THEN) define the activities that the system is to perform if the conditions under Condition (IF) are fulfilled.

Note Note

Note the following for points 5 and 6 when entering data:

End of the note.
  • You can assign most of the elements of the specification database (characteristics, value assignment types, phrases, and so on) to the Condition (IF), Left Expr. and Right Expr. fields in the rule editor using drag & drop. The system then automatically generates the entries in the mapping tables with the correct assignments.

  • Write texts in quotation marks that are, for example, in assignments (for example, LAB_REV := "2. Supplement" ).

  • Enter characteristics that are assigned multiple values as sets.

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