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Operational Analytics allows you to perform reporting and analysis based on an application data model, without replicating the data in a data warehouse. Unlike strategic analysis, Operational Analytics mainly helps you to make decisions in operative business processes. Operational Analytics is characterized by a wide-ranging user layer in an enterprise, low latency, high granularity and high availability. If you use Operational Data Provisioning for Operational Analytics, the data can be used by direct access by analytic queries. To enable faster data access, the data can be indexed in the SAP HANA database or in the SAP BW Accelerator.


You have configured operational data provisioning in your application system.

More information: Configuring Operational Data Provisioning


If you want to use Operational Analytics in your application system, proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare the search models and analysis models that you want to use:

    • If you want to use the search and analysis models delivered by SAP, activate the business function relevant for your application. Activate the relevant objects for your business function using the BI Content activation workbench.

      For more information, read the SAP Business Suite documentation.

    • If you want to use your own search models and analysis models, start by creating the models you need. You can also adapt the search models and analysis models provided to meet your requirements.

      More information: Creating or Extending Search and Analysis Models

  2. Optional: If the application you are using with the search and analysis models only provides a few authorization checks or none at all, you can specify authorization checks manually. This allows you to restrict access to the data of a TransientProvider derived from an operational data provider.

    More information: Modeling Authorizations

  3. Optional: TransientProviders derived from operational data providers can be used in MultiProviders.

    More information: Using MultiProviders Based on Operational Data Providers

  4. Optional: If you are using SAP HANA or the SAP BW Accelerator, perform the following tasks:

    1. To index the data of a search and analysis model in the SAP HANA database or BWA, you need to create a connector for the model.

      More information: Creating Connectors in Modelling

    2. Schedule the indexing.

      More information: Starting Indexing of Connectors

      For indexing, you also have the following options:

    3. Monitor the status of the connectors and data indexing. The following tools are available here:

      • Monitoring the status of the connectors: Administration cockpit

        More information: Connector Administration Cockpit

      • Monitoring the BWA: TREX admin tool (standalone) or TREX admin tool in the SAP system (transaction TREXADMIN)

        For more information, see the documentation on the TREX admin tools in the TREX 7.1 documentation.

      • Monitoring the SAP HANA database: Administration console perspective of SAP HANA Studio

        For more information, go to and read SAP HANA database - Administration Guide.

      • Delta queue monitoring. The queue is monitored for DataSources that replicate data for Operational Analytics to the BWA: Delta Queue Monitor

        More information: Monitoring Delta Queues

      • Monitoring real-time indexing: Administration cockpit und delta queue monitor

        More information about monitoring the indexing job: Controlling Real-Time Indexing

        More information about monitoring real-time indexing for DataSource-based connectors: Performing Real-Time Indexing for DataSource-Based Connectors


The data is available for analysis and reporting with a query.

More information: Using Analytic Queries for Operational Data Providers