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Function documentationSide-By-Side Comparison


You can use this function to place the short profiles of two or more talents next to each other and compare them side-by-side.


  • The side-by-side comparison is available in different places in Talent Management, for example:

  • You can select individual talents for a comparison.

  • You can select multiple talents at once for a comparison, for example:

    • All talents that are displayed in the same box of the calibration grid

    • Multiple talents displayed in the applications Talent Search and Talent Information

  • You can specify which data is to be included in the short profiles of the talents that you use for the side-by-side comparison.

    In Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development, under Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Adjusting the User Interfaces Next navigation step Configurations for Data Retrieval Next navigation step Create Configuration with Field Groups End of the navigation path, create a configuration and, under Assign User Interface Configuration, assign it to the parameter TALENT_SHORT_PROFILE_SIDEBYSID.

  • The system displays the categories of the short profiles (for example, the talent data or organizational assignment) arranged vertically in parallel such that you can quickly compare the data of the relevant category.


To compare talents during a talent review meeting, proceed as follows:

  1. Place the talents to be compared in the Compare Talents screen area.

    You have the following options:

    • You use drag and drop to drag the talent's photo to the area.

    • You choose the Compare option that is available in the menu for a talent in the calibration grid, the business-card view, or the list view.

    • You choose the Compare All option that is available, for example, in the menu for a box of the calibration grid. You can thus compare all talents that have a particular combination of performance value and potential value.

  2. Choose the Compare pushbutton.

To compare talents in the applications Talent Search and Talent Information, select the required talents and choose Compare.