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  Profile Matchup


This function enables you to compare the qualifications and requirements of objects (persons, applicants, jobs, positions, and so on) against each other. The required and existing proficiency of each qualification is also taken into account. This means, for example, that you can compare an employee’s qualifications with the requirements of the position this employee holds to see how suited the employee is to this position. You can include an unlimited number of objects in a profile matchup.

Use this evaluation if you want to:

  • Find out how suitable one or more persons are for a position

  • Identify persons who are over-qualified or under-qualified

  • Identify suitable applicants for a vacancy

  • Identify appropriate training options for persons

  • Check the current level of qualification in an organizational unit

  • Check the need for training in an organizational unit


The following options are available for selecting the objects to be included in a profile matchup:

  • The objects to be included in the matchup are specified individually

  • The profile matchup is executed directly from the profile of a person/position for the position the person holds/person who holds the position

The profile matchup is executed for all persons in an organizational unit and the positions they currently hold (see Matching Up Positions With Their Holders for an Organizational Unit )


The following selection options are available:

  • Select objects whose qualifications are to be included in the profile matchup

  • Select objects whose requirements are to be included in the profile matchup

  • Restrict the selection to qualification deficits (in other words, the proficiency of the qualification held is lower than the proficiency required)

  • Determination of training proposals for qualification deficits (that is, development measures that impart the qualifications required) – in this case, you must also have implemented one of the following components: Training and Event Management or Development Plans .

    Note Note

    The training proposals displayed are development measures that “refresh” or improve the current proficiency of the qualification – in other words, the development measure imparts a proficiency that is greater than or equal to the proficiency required.

    End of the note.
  • Key date for the evaluation

  • The settings you made with regard to essential requirements and depreciation meter values are taken into account in the evaluation (siehe User-Specific Settings ). Essential requirements and alternative qualifications are identified as such in the list.


Every requirement is compared with every existing qualification. The results are displayed in graphic form in a list.

Note Note

You can change the selection options for qualification deficits and training proposals.

End of the note.

From this list, you can switch to the following output formats:

  • Table Control List (display using ABAP List Viewer)

    Note Note

    Any additional qualifications that are not required are not displayed in this format.

    End of the note.
  • SAP presentation graphics (for more information on graphic options, see Presentation Graphics ). The graphics can only be called up from one of the two list displays.

The Table Control List can contain any of the following fields:

Output Field



Name of qualification

Essential requirement

Flag showing that this is an essential qualification

Proficiency required

Proficiency required for the qualification

Existing Proficiency

Proficiency that currently exists for the qualification

Difference between scale proficiencies

Difference between the proficiency required and the existing proficiency

Training proposals

An icon here means that training proposals have been generated

When you call up the training proposals, the following fields can be displayed:


Object type of the development measure

Name of development measure

Proficiency imparted

Proficiency of the qualification imparted by the development measure

Involvement in development measure

Function for booking or planning participation in a training measure



Essential requirement

Proficiency required

Existing Proficiency

Difference between scale proficiencies






Very good



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