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Function documentationValidity Section in Detail Screen


In the standard Personal Profile overview pattern (OVP) configuration, every edit page content area contains a validity user interface building block (UIBB). An empty validity configuration is created for every edit page content area. This configuration is created out of the HRESS_C_VALIDITY component.


To display appropriate validity information and radio button options, the HRESS_C_VALIDITY component makes use of the following:

  • The use case for the infotype or subtype being edited as maintained in the V_T7XSSPERSUBTYP table view

  • The begin date of the record being edited

  • Is it the last record of the list of records of the subtype being edited

  • Is the record being edited after or before the current system date

Data transmission from the validity UIBB to the detail screen UIBB takes place via the identity connector. This includes the validity UIBB in the OVP edit page content area, and adding wires (CL_FPM_CONNECTOR_BOL_IDENTITY connector) that connect the validity UIBB to the detail screen UIBB in the same content area, ensure that the validity information is automatically handled for the detail screen.

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