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 Posting Payment Lots


You have closed the payment lot.


You post a payment lot manually if you entered and closed the payment lot manually or if the payment lot was created automatically, but not posted.

  1. Choose one of the following paths:

  • Roles

Start of the navigation path Incoming Payment Processing Next navigation step (SAP_FI_CA_INCOMMING_PAYMENTS) Next navigation step Process Payment Lot/Process Check Lot End of the navigation path

  • SAP Menu

Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Payment Lot/Check Lot End of the navigation path

  1. Enter the key of the payment lot.

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Payment Lot Next navigation step Post End of the navigation path .

    The Post Payment Lot dialog box appears.

  1. Specify when and in which mode the postings are to be made.

    In the case of larger payment lots, you should execute the postings in the background; otherwise it is essential that the dialog box in which you are working is blocked for the duration of the postings.

  1. Choose Continue .

    The system issues a message when the posting run is completed.

  1. Now check the status of the payment lot.


The status of the payment lot indicates which activities you now have to carry out:

  • Postings made : All payments were posted. No clarification cases have arisen. The reconciliation key for postings to the general ledger was closed, meaning that data can be transferred to the general ledger.

  • Postings made, postprocessing necessary: Certain items require clarification. Postprocessing is necessary either because one or more payments were posted to a clarification account or because the system was unable to make a posting due to incomplete settings in Customizing. These payments are automatically included in the clarification worklist. For more information, see Postprocessing Clarification Cases .