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  Set of Rules


A collection of rules describing dependencies between properties.


You need a set of rules with the corresponding mapping tables to derive secondary data using the EH&S Expert.


A set of rules is made up of the following parts:

  • Facts that are used in the rules as variables for the data.

  • Rules that establish the relationships between the defined facts and derive data.

Compositions of specifications are mapped using the concept of compositions, value assignment types that have been assigned multiple values (which means value assignment types with a number of data records) using records.

A rule file with a special syntax must be created for each set of rules. You can write this file with any text editor. If you define a set of rules with the EH&S Expert rule editor, the rule editor generates the rule file automatically with the correct syntax (see Using the Rule Editor).

Note Note

The order in which you enter the rules in the set of rules is not relevant. The EH&S Expert automatically ensures that the rules are executed in the correct order (see When Is a Rule Executed?).

End of the note.


The program that analyzes the rules from the set of rules is independent of Customizing in the SAP system. The assignment of facts, records, compositions, and phrase codes of the set of rules to the elements in EH&S (characteristics, identifiers, value assignment types, phrase keys, and so on) is handled separately by means of mapping tables. You can therefore use an existing set of rules on different systems without having to modify the rules themselves.