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 Completion of an Appraisal


Once an appraisal has been held, it must be completed. When this occurs, a historical record is created for the appraisal. If an appraisal is completed, it cannot be changed. Once the last subappraisal of a multisource appraisal has been completed, the processing modules defined for the appraisal model in question are executed for the purposes of determining the overall result.


The following conditions must be met for the various appraisal types:

Individual appraisal


Overall appraisal

  • The appraisal must have been held.

  • The appraisal must have been held.

  • All subappraisals must be completed.

  • The overall appraisal must have been determined (either automatically or manually)

Process Flow

Once an appraisal has been held, you complete it.

When the appraisal is completed, a historical record is created for it; no further changes can be made to it.

Note Note

You can specify the following for each appraisal model:

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  • Whether completed appraisals can be deleted

  • Whether the status of completed appraisals can be changed back to In process (this means, in effect, that you can edit the appraisals again)

For further information, please refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development under Start of the navigation path Appraisal Systems Next navigation step Edit appraisals catalog Next navigation step . End of the navigation path


The appraisal has been completed. You can now proceed to the process Following Up and Approval of an Appraisal .

If you use the workflow for approving and following up appraisals, the completion of the appraisal triggers this workflow. For more information on the workflow, refer to Approving and Following Up an Appraisal (PA-PD) .

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