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Function documentationEmployee Assessment with Flexible Appraisal Processes


Managers can use this function to perform an assessment based on flexible appraisal processes for their employees. Depending on which processes are defined in Customizing, they can evaluate the potential or competencies of an employee, for example.


The employee assessment with flexible appraisal processes uses the processes of the component Objective Setting and Appraisals (PA-PD-PM). For more information, see Objective Setting and Appraisals.


In Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development, you have made the settings under Start of the navigation path Assessment of Employees Next navigation step Employee Assessment with Flexible Appraisal Processes End of the navigation path.


The manager can use the application Performance Management for the assessment. For more information, see Web Applications for Appraisal Processes and Appraiser in Appraisal Process.