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  Phrase Assignment


You use this function to define the value set of phrase sets.


After a phrase set has been assigned to a characteristic or a field of the SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) component, you can use the phrases in this phrase set as possible entries for assigning values to the characteristic or field (see Phrase Set-to-Attribute Assignment ).


  • The Phrase assignment function lists the phrases in the phrase set. You can:

    • Assign more phrases or delete existing assignments

    • Specify the sort sequence

  • The SAP system ensures that you only assign a phrase to a phrase set once.

  • However, you can assign a phrase to several different phrase sets at the same time.

    Note Note

    In phrase management you can also define assignments of phrases to phrase sets from the phrases (see Phrase Set Assignment ).

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Proceed as follows to assign phrases to a phrase set:

  1. In the hit list for the selected phrase sets, in the phrase set header, or from phrase set names, choose Phrases.

    The Edit Phrase Set: Phrase Assignment screen appears.

  2. Enter the phrases you want to use.

  3. In the Sort field, enter the sort sequence of the phrases within the phrase set and save your entries.

    Note Note

    If you selected more than one phrase set in the hit list, choose with the quick info text Next Phrase Set to go to the next phrase set.

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