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Function documentationEvaluating Authorizations


In an absence request, employees’ personal data is protected using a special function.


In an absence request, the system ensures that personal data is protected before displaying it by first querying whether it is the requester or approver of an absence request asking to display the data. However, in certain conditions, other employees are also able to see this data.

Generally, the data is read for internal processing without an authorization check. If someone wants to display the data, the system checks whether that person is the requester or approver, both of whom are allowed to see the entered data. If neither the requester nor the approver are trying to display the data, an authorization check is performed. Data is displayed depending on the following factors:

  • If the employee does not have proper authorization, such as read authorization, no data is displayed.

  • If you have deactivated authorization checks in Customizing for this rule group, the data is displayed in an anonymized form.

  • If the employee has at least read authorization, the data is displayed.