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 Mapping Table


Table that determines the assignment of elements of the set of rules (facts, records, compositions, and phrase codes) to the elements in EH&S (characteristics, identifiers, value assignment types, phrase keys, and so on).


Mapping tables link the sets of rules that are independent of specification management to the elements of specification management and enable the derivation of secondary data through EH&S Expert.

If you use EH&S Open Content Connector , the mapping tables are also used to transfer content provider data to the specification database.


One mapping database only is assigned to a set of rules. The mapping tables of the mapping databases saved locally on the PC are stored in Microsoft Access 97 or Access 2000 databases (.MDB file). You can edit the mapping tables with the rule editor or with Microsoft Access 2000.

Note Note

If you create rules using the rule editor and assign the EH&S elements (characteristics, identifiers, value assignment types, phrase keys, and so on) using drag and drop, the rule editor generates the entries required in the mapping tables automatically.

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There are different kinds of assignments:

Fact Mapping

Record Mapping

Composition Mapping

Phrase Mapping

In the rule editor, the mapping tables of facts, records, and compositions are presented together in one tree structure.