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 Updating SD Documents


After a goods issue or after billing, for example, the revenue lines for revenue recognition must be determined again. Before this can be done, the sales document must be upated. You can update the document as soon as the invoice has been created or the goods issue posted.


You can update the SD documents in the background or using a transaction.

You can use report SDRRAV54 for background processing . Processing can take place immediately, or you can schedule it for a specific date. For performance reasons, you should not choose immediate update of the SD documents if you are working with large data volumes.

You can also update the SD documents at a later stage using the Update Sales Documents transaction (VF42). This is the standard procedure in the system.On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Billing Next navigation step Revenue Recognition Next navigation step Update Sales Documents End of the navigation path (VF42).

You can use message V4 313 to specify whether you want the documents to be updated immediately, or using the transaction or report.