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 Forwarding Clarification Cases


Under certain circumstances, clarification cases cannot be processed immediately by a clerk. It may then become necessary to forward individual cases to other internal organizational units or actual clerks. To set up the forwarding process as efficiently as possible, you can use the functions described below.


You can process a clarification case either as part of a workflow or forward it in an e-mail to the responsible clerk.

You can use the following sample workflows:

  • In a simple workflow, the clarification case is put into the workflow inbox of a clerk. The clerk calls clarification processing and works through the case as accustomed. If the case can be clarified, the workflow finishes. If clarification fails, processing is called once more. The case is assigned to a different clerk. By making the appropriate assignment and restriction settings, you can ensure that the case is assigned to a new clerk.

  • In an ad-hoc workflow, each clerk can forward the case directly to a colleague if clarification was unsuccessful. Forwarding to the case to another position or organizational unit is also a possibility. You do not need to assign or restrict accounting clerks for this workflow since the clerks are determined by direct entries. To do this, maintain the Workflow with direct switching setting .

SAP includes sample workflows WS21000078 (simple workflow) and WS21000077 (ad-hoc workflow) in the standard system. Use these workflows as a model for creating your own workflows.