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 Billing Document


Umbrella term for invoices, credit memos, debit memos, pro forma invoices and cancellation documents.


The billing document is created with reference to a preceding document, in order to create an invoice or a credit memo, for example.

The billing document contains the following data:


All billing documents have the same structure. They are made up of a document header and any number of items. The following figure shows how billing documents are structured.


In the header, you find general data valid for the entire billing document. For example,

  • Identification number of the payer

  • Billing date

  • Net value of the entire billing document

  • Document currency

  • Terms of payment and Incoterms

  • Partner numbers, such as the identification number of the sold-to party

  • Pricing elements


In the items, you find data that applies to one particular item. For example,

  • Material number

  • Billing quantity

  • Net value of the individual items

  • Weight and volume

  • Number of the reference document for the billing document (for example, the number of the delivery on which the billing document is based)

  • Pricing elements relevant for the individual items

The billing document is controlled via the billing type.


When you create a billing document, the billing data is forwarded to Financial Accounting.