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 Saving of Explanations

You can save the explanation for a rule-set pass in the specification so you can keep track later of how the secondary data was derived. You make the decision whether the system should save the explanation in the user exit parameter EXPERT_EXPLANATION_SAVE. If you deactivate saving, the explanation is displayed directly after the rule set has run and is then discarded. If you activate saving, you can also use the EH&S Expert explanation component for rule sets that are processed in the background.

The explanation is saved as a user-defined text in the specification database. You specify the details for this using the user exit parameters below.


Value assignment type in which the explanation is to be saved


User-defined text type for explanation


Characteristic in which the name of the rule set (user exit parameter EXPERT_RULE_SET) is saved to permit assignment when displayed later. The characteristic must be in the same value assignment type as the user-defined text.

Note Note

To display the user-defined text as the description, see Displaying Explanations

End of the note.

As the explanation is saved in the specification database, the functions of the specification database used in EH&S Expert can also be used:

  • Usage

    By default with the user exit parameter EXPERT_WRITE_USAGE

  • Versioning with change number

    Explanations for historical data are retained.

  • Data-specific logic

    For a new rule-set pass, old secondary data and the old explanation are overwritten.