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 Defining Standard Roles

To create a new standard role, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose one of the following paths:

  • Roles

Start of the navigation path Business Workflow: Workflow Developer Next navigation step Definition Tools Next navigation step Standard Roles Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path

  • SAP Menu

Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Business Workflow Next navigation step Development Next navigation step Definition tools Next navigation step Standard roles Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path

Standard roles are always client-independent . There is currently no facility to define client-dependent roles.

  1. Enter the required data on the Create Standard Role screen.

Note the following: The roles functions are used by other SAP components (primarily for SAP Workflow). You can therefore choose a role category.

  1. Clarification worklist processing uses only the Responsibilities role category. Select the field Responsibilities .

  1. Save your entry by choosing Start of the navigation path Standard Role Next navigation step Save End of the navigation path .

For identification purposes, the system assigns an eight figure number to each standard role.

Standard roles are linked to transport systems as client-independent transport objects.


Having created a standard role, you must now maintain the elements in the role parameter container (see Maintaining Role Parameter Containers ).