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Function documentationReports in Talent Management


Talent management specialists can use this function to evaluate activities and processes relevant to Talent Management such as Succession Planning, the development and education of talents, or their compensation.


  • So that all SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse queries are available, you need the most recent BI Content, which is required for the SAP ERP release.

    For more information, see the Master Guide for the release.

  • For the parameterized call of the dashboards from the launchpad there must be an active implementation of the Business Add-In (BAdI) Modify URL Parameters (BADI_APB_LPD_MODIFY_URL_PARAMS). In the standard SAP system, the implementation Add the Parameter Org.Unit(s) to the URL (HRTMC_ADD_PAR_TO_DASHBOARD_URL) is active.

    For information about further prerequisites for using dashboards, see Prerequisites: Displaying Data from Queries in Xcelsius Dashboards.


In the standard SAP system, the launchpad provides talent management specialists with the following evaluations:

Queries (SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse)
  • Succession Planning Monitor (0TMC_MP01_Q0001)

  • Talent Ratio (0TMC_MP02_Q0001)

  • Personnel Actions per Talent Group (0TMC_MP02_Q0002)

  • Leavers per Talent Group (0TMC_MP02_Q0003)

  • Quality of Succession Planning (0TMC_MP01_Q0002)

  • Performance and Potential (0TMC_MP02_Q0004)

  • Employees' Qualifications (0TMC_MP03_Q0001)

  • Position Requirements (0TMC_MP04_Q0001)

  • Talent Assessments (0TMC_MP05_Q0001)

  • Movements in Talent Groups (0TMC_MP06_Q0001)

  • Compensation Review Results for Talents (0ECM_MP02_Q0001)

  • Overall Compensation for Talents (0ECM_MP03_Q0001)

  • Learning Activities of Talents (0LSO_MP03_Q0001)

Dashboards (SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius)
  • Succession Planning Monitor (0XC_TMC_MP01_D01)

  • Talent Overview (0XC_TMC_MP02_D01)

  • Utilization of Talents (0XC_TMC_MP01_D02)

  • Human Capital Management Dashboard (0XC_PA_C01_D01)

  • Potential and Performance Analyses (0XC_TMC_MP02_D02)

  • Strengths and Risks in the Organization (0XC_STRENGTHS_RISKS)

  • Skills and Competencies (0XC_SKILLS_COMPETENCIES)

  • Learning Activities of the Organization (0XC_LSO_MP03_D02)

  • Learning Activities of Talents (0XC_LSO_MP03_D01)

  • Compensation Monitor (0XC_COMPENSATION_MONITOR)

Operational Reporting (SAP ERP)
  • Status Monitor for Talent Assessments (0HCM_TMC_T01_Q0001)

  • Enterprise Compensation Status Monitor : Without Budget (0HCM_ECM_T01_Q0001)

  • Actual Results Headcount/Full-Time Equivalent (0HCM_PA_T01_Q0001)

  • Hiring Quality (0HCM_PA_T01_Q0005)

  • Leaving Analysis (0HCM_PA_T02_Q0002)

For more information about the operational reporting concept, see SAP NetWeaver Library under Operational Data Provisioning and Operational Analytics with Operational Data Provisioning.

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