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 Entering Manually Issued Checks


To make manually issued checks - for example, issued by insurance agents for on-site payment - available for further processing in the system, you have to enter and post these checks in check lots for manual outgoing checks.


To use lots for manual outgoing checks, make the following settings in Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Check Management End of the navigation path:

  • Check Clearing Account for Outgoing Checks

    The system determines the check clearing account using posting area 1061. The field Check Clearing Account for Manual Checks field has priority. If you do not enter a value in this field, the account entered in the Bank Subaccount field is used.

  • Specifications for Lots for Manual Outgoing Checks

    In addition to default values for the document type and payment method to be used, you also have to define the main and subtransactions to be used for the business partner items. If necessary, you can also enter the payment lock to be used to prevent the payment run from paying the documents.

  • Line Layout Variants for Lots for Manual Outgoing Checks

    Here you can define line layout variants for the item list.

    Note Note

    On the list screen for entering outgoing checks, you can use the Change Layout (Change Layout)pushbutton to switch between the line layout variants defined in Customizing.

    End of the note.


The check details reported by the issuer (for example, insurance agent) are updated in check management once you have entered them in a check lot and posted them. If the bank reports that a check has already been cashed before you post the lot, the system checks the encashment data against the details provided by the issuer. If there are discrepancies (for example, different amount), the system posts the issue data of this check, but adds the check to a clarification list (see Reconciling and Clarifying Outgoing Checks). When you post an item from the lot, the system posts a receivable to the contract partner specified in the item and a G/L item to a check clearing account. The receivable is locked for payment so that it cannot be paid by a payment run.

You can also enter items for documents that have already been posted in lots for manual outgoing checks. When you post the lot, the system creates only one entry in check management for each item.

You can also post individual items when you enter them in the lot. You can reverse items that have already been posted, for example, to correct input errors from manual entry.

If individual items cannot be posted, for example, because an identical entry exists in check management, you can postprocess the items in the lot. You can change all of the data entered, such as the check number, at item level. Or you can mark the item as “Deleted”, and thereby prevent a posting.

You can use an upload program to import manual outgoing check lots from external systems. You can close or post the lots, or leave them open for subsequent files. You can also postprocess incorrect items. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Periodic Processing Next navigation step Transfer Data Next navigation step Lot for Manual Outgoing Checks Next navigation step Transfer/Process Errors End of the navigation path.

You can use authorization object F_KKCMK to protect the activities for lots for manual outgoing checks.