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  Approval and Release of Promises to Pay by Workflow


You can set up an approval procedure to ensure that clerks cannot create promises to pay randomly. When a promise to pay is created, the system then automatically starts an approval workflow.


When you create or change a promise to pay, the workflow for check and approval in accordance with the dual control principle can be run.

If the workflow is started, you can enter a comment for the promise to pay in dialog.

The clerk determined in the workflow can then accept or reject the promise to pay.

You cannot change a promise to pay with the status "To be approved" until it has been approved/rejected.

When you change a promise to pay, the system does not write history records. Instead, it creates a nw promise to pay with a reference to the original promise to pay. This gives you a better overiew. The person actually doing the approving also sees which change needs to be approved.

If a promise to pay is accepted, the check indicator is automatically removed from the promise to pay.

If a promise to pay is rejected, the check indicator is automatically removed and the promise to pay receives the status Not approved . The reference to the promise to pay is removed from the assigned items.


You decide whether the creation/change must be approved in event 5516; the relevant business object is CA_P2P, the rule for the clerk determination 21000071, and the workflow sample WS21000104. See the documentation for the sample function module FKK_SAMPLE_5516.