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 Currency Differences


The accrued revenues are kept in the document currency in revenue recognition.Due to different currencies, currency differences can arise for revenue recognition in Financial Accounting.

The currency differences should be shown in the profit and loss calculation.While the revenue accounts show the currency differences, the accrual accounts should be balanced in all currencies used.


To eliminate currency differences on the accrual accounts, the system determines an exchange rate date that is used for revenue recognition and billing.

The system sets the exchange rate date when the sales document is created. If you update the data for sales document items, the system determines the exchange rate date again.The exchange rate date is redetermined as long as no revenues have been recognized or billing documents created.

As soon as the first billing or revenue recognition takes place, the date is fixed and used for the posting on the accrual account. For the revenue posting or posting to the receivables account, however, the current exchange rate date is used.The currency differences are determined in financial accounting based on this exchange rate date, and the required postings are made.

You can modify this system behavior by using special Business Transaction Events (BTEs).