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 Total Compensation Statement


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SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Employees can display their total compensation statement, which is an online statement in portable document format (PDF). It contains a list of all compensation elements and benefits paid to an employee by an enterprise in a certain time period (typically one year).


Edit the following infotypes to retrieve the header data (personnel number, personnel area, personnel subarea, personnel group, personnel subgroup, and so on):

  • Organizational Assignment (0001)

  • Personal Data (0002)

SAP delivers a standard PDF form (HR_CMP_TCS), which you can adjust to suit your company’s requirements and which consists of the following categories and subcategories:

  • PAY – Payment

    Salary and bonus information

  • CMP - Other compensation

    Various compensation elements including long-term incentives

  • BEN - Benefits

    Benefits plans in which the employee takes part or has taken part

  • PDV - Personnel development

    Individual development plans, education, and training

You can add your own categories and subcategories to the standard form in Customizing for Enterprise Compensation Management under Start of the navigation path Compensation Statements Next navigation step Determine Structure of Total Compensation Statement End of the navigation path.

In the Payment category and the Bonus and Salary subcategories, you can specify which wage types are used. This enables the system to calculate a total amount from the payroll results for the relevant category.

For more information, see the Customizing documentation for Enterprise Compensation Management under Start of the navigation path Compensation Statements Next navigation step Select Wage Types for 'Pay' Category End of the navigation path.


You can edit the feature, Set subtype sequence for address formatting (ADDRS), to define the employee addresses displayed in the header of the total compensation statement. In the standard system, the employee's permanent residence (subtype 1) from the Addresses (0006) infotype is used.

For more information about configuring this application, see Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP.