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 Consideration of Direct Debit Limit


For a contract account with an incoming payment method, you can define a direct debit limit for each period. This enables you to prevent, in the specified period, that a higher amount than desired is collected for the contract account (even though there are due items, an incoming payment method, and bank details).


You activate the direct debit limit for each paying company code and you should also define the direct debit limit in the currency of the paying company code, since otherwise the system converts all payments into the currency of the direct debit limit.

In the definition of the direct debit period, you can define that all payments of the last N months are to be considered, or all payments since the first day of the current month, or since the first day of a specific previous month.

The system records each direct debit in a separate table. You can display a list of the direct debits from the master data transactions. (In the SAP Easy Access menu, choose under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Business Partner Next navigation step Contract Account Next navigation step Display End of the navigation path ).

The system indicates returns for recorded direct debits accordingly and they no longer contribute to the degree of utilization.

The payment run determines and adds together the direct debits in the period under consideration. The payment run checks whether the current amount to be collected can be collected in total or only in part, or not at all. If it cannot be collected at all, the items are displayed as an exception with the indicator 80 ( direct debit limit reached ). If the amount can be partially collected, the new event 0613 is processed. Here, for example, the call of the clearing control (with clearing type 06D) can distribute the collectible amount to the items. The items that cannot be collected become payment exceptions again with indicator 80 .


You activate the direct debit limit for a paying company code in Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable by choosing Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation step Payments Next navigation step Incoming/Outgoing Payment Creation Next navigation step Define Specifications for Paying Company Code End of the navigation path . For the paying company code, set the Direct Debit Limit Active indicator. (To do so, double click on the paying company code.)

In master data maintenance, the system displays the fields for the direct debit limit only when this indicator is set in the paying company code.

When you create a contract account, the system does not display the fields until the indicator is set in at least one paying company code, since in this case, the paying company code for the current contract account is not known (since it has not been entered yet).