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 Correspondence Creation


You can send correspondence to the business partner when a promise to pay is created and in the case where a promise to pay is not fulfilled.


The correspondence type for printing a promise to pay is 0045 ( Promise to Pay ).

The correspondence request is created in event 0806. In this event, an entry is created in the correspondence container. This can be printed immediately or in mass printing. Event 0805 prints the correspondence type. In this event, the print parameters are adjusted specific to the correspondence and the Print Workbench is called. In the Print Workbench, the correspondence-specific form class FI_CA_P2P_CORR is used. As an example form, SAP delivers the application form FI_CA_P2P_CORR_SAMPLE, category SAPscript.

The following details are used for printing:

  • Amounts with their due dates

  • Charges and interest on arrears

  • Receivables cleared by payments

  • Amounts collected using the debit memo procedure

See the documentation for the sample function modules FKK_SAMPLE 0805 and FKK_SAMPLE 0806.