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Object documentationFiscal Year Information


Object belonging to the business partner where you can store figures from the financial statement and from the profit and loss statement of a company. In addition, you can store business key figures about the credit standing of a company here.


You can use the information from the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, as well as the company's business key figures, to gain a comprehensive insight into the business partner's economic circumstances. This can help you to make decisions about the creditworthiness of the company.

In accordance with the regulations contained in Paragraph 18 of the German Banking Act (GBA) concerning the credit standing review, banks are also obliged to request that borrowers disclose their economic circumstances, in particular by submitting annual financial statements, for loans above a certain amount.

You can edit fiscal year information for business partners belonging to the category Organization. You can create, display, change, and delete fiscal year information for several fiscal years. If you want to edit particular fiscal year information, you can scroll from one fiscal year to the next. Alternatively, you can go directly to selected fiscal years.


In the business partner, you can store the following fiscal year information for each fiscal year that you select:

  • Dates

    This includes the start and end of the fiscal year, the date of the annual stockholders' meeting, the date and indicator of the annual financial statement, and the date of the consolidated financial statement.

  • Financial statement item figures

    These include balance sheet currency, balance sheet total, equity, share capital, issued stock capital, participation certificates outstanding, capital reserve, legal retained earnings, retained earnings for own shares, retained earnings based on company bylaws, other retained earnings, subordinated liabilities, and profit and loss carried forward.

  • Profit and loss account figures

    These include gross and net contributions, profit reported, annual sales, and annual net profit.

  • Key figures

    These include debt ratio, return on total capital employed, debt clearance period, financing coefficient, and equity ratio.