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You use the Form Painter to design the layout of the pages of a Smart Form. You can include windows and graphics on a page, determine their positions and choose the window sizes:

The following functions are available:

  • Design area with ruler, cursor with help lines, and grid and main grid

  • Display of the cursor position in the ruler, which you can suppress and set

  • Two-level grid with engage function, which you can customize at will

  • When creating, changing, and moving a window, the window size appears in the ruler.

  • Detachable toolbar containing the most important functions

  • Autoscrolling when moving windows; placing windows into the background

  • Zoom factors you can set to any value and autozooming of the design area to the window size

  • Context Menu

  • Placing a scanned graphic into the background of the design area (see also Printing Graphics)


Keyboard Commands

The Form Painter provides keyboard commands for fine-tuning. First, click the window for which you want to use these commands:

Keyboard Command


Moves a window



Sets the height of a window (not allowed for graphics)



Sets the width of a window (not allowed for graphics)


Cut Window


Copy Window


Pastes a window (for example, on a different page)


Delete Window


Calls the Extended Help


To display or suppress the Form Painter choose Form Painter on/off.

To make detailed settings in the Form Painter (for example, step size of the grid, zoom factors, and so on), choose Settings in its toolbar (for the individual options, see F1 help). All Form Painter settings are stored for the respective user when he or she leaves transaction SMARTFORMS (using yellow or green arrow). The same applies for the Table Painter settings.


It is not sufficient to end form editing. To save the settings, you must exit the initial screen of the transaction. If you log off the system during form editing, the settings are not saved because the system does not recognize this as exiting the transaction.