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Basic lists are displayed in the Query Painter header first, followed by the line structures, and subsequently a footer.

Two types of header lines are available: page headers and column headers. Headers and footers are independent of query structure. You can define any number of header lines. Blank header lines are not output in the list.

Column headers are made available to you by the system by selecting the checkbox Display Header under the List Line Output Options. This checkbox is selected in the standard.


The following functions help you edit headers and footers:

  • To insert text or parameters, click on the header or footer.

  • To insert an additional line, double-click on the line. Each double-click inserts an additional line.

  • To delete a line in your header, drag the trash can icon to that line.


    If you have only a single header line and you delete it, you can re-insert a header by choosing Start of the navigation path Additions Next navigation step Insert Header End of the navigation path.

You can define fixed header lines and footer lines so that when you generate the list, they receive current values. You can use the following fields directly as variables:






Name of the user processing the query



Current date



Current time


Current page number (6 characters)



Current page number (3 characters)


This is what a list formatted in the Query Painter looks like:

At execution it looks like this:


Note that, although the number of header lines in the page header and footer is unrestricted, the total number of these lines must be smaller than the number of lines per page. You can only check this partially in the QuickView definition, since the number of lines per page may change at processing time (for example, when printing). If this condition is violated at processing time, the program is terminated.