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You want to execute a query online and display the list of results on the screen.


  1. Choose a query and carry out either the Execute , Execute with Variant or Test function.

    The selection screen appears. You can enter your selection conditions here.

    Selection screens consist of two parts:

    • The upper part of the screen contains the database selections. These are determined by the underlying logical database and are automatically displayed on the screen.

    • The lower part of the screen contains program parameters that come either from defining the InfoSet or the query, or that were automatically generated by the query.


    These program parameters may consist of any of the following:

    • These program parameters may consist of any of the following:

    • Parameters used to define the values of local fields (see Defining Local Fields).

    • Additional selection criteria specified when defining the query.

    • A parameter for the currency conversion date, if required by the query.

    Several radio buttons allowing you to send the list for further processing (see Interactive Functions for Further List Processing). This system only displays this program parameters area when you use the old program structure in the output (see Structure of Generated Programs).


    The SAP List Viewer radio button is automatically set under Output type in the selection screen. Some of the query-specific output functions mentioned in the following sections are only available if you choose ABAP List as the output form.

  2. Choose the Execute function.


The chosen query is executed and the result is displayed in a list:


Whenever a query is started and no entries are made in the selection screen, a dialog box appears asking you to limit the number of database accesses. Here you can either enter a number of your choice or confirm the default value (100). This dialog box prevents you from starting queries and mistakenly reading the entire dataset contained within an InfoSet.

Limitations to Database Access

All selection criteria and parameters from you selection screen are checked to see if the number of database accesses should be limited. The following parameters are NOT checked:

  • all parameters automatically added to the selection screen by the query (date of currency conversion, direct interaction specifications, and so on).

  • all invisible parameters, and

  • all parameters that appear as either radio buttons or checkboxes on the selection screen.

The query is executed without further testing as soon as the system comes across a single parameter or selection criteria in any of the other fields. If this is not the case, the dialog box asking you to restrict the number of database accesses appears, much the same as the dialog box that appears during the Test function. (Exception: this does not occur if you are executing the query with variants or in the background).