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Defining local fields allows you to generate new information from the fields in an InfoSet, without having to include an additional field.


The DEMO_FLBOOKING InfoSet contains a field for distance and a field for flight time. A local field is used to calculate the speed of the journey.


You are in the Field Selection screen and want to create a new query or change an existing query.


Creating a local field

  1. Use the and functions to navigate in the Field Selection screen.

  2. Choose the Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Local Next navigation step Field Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path menu option.

  3. Type the appropriate information into the Field Definition dialog box. See Dialog Box Field Definition.

  4. When you have typed in all the necessary information for your local field, click on to return to the Field Selection screen.

    The field you have defined is now included in the specified field group and can be used on all screens, just like any other field from the InfoSet.

Changing/deleting local fields

To change or delete a local field on the Select Field screen, place the cursor on the local field and choose the relevant function from the Edit menu.


Local fields are only known within the query where they are defined.