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Each field made available through an InfoSet can have a short name. You need these short names if you want to place the value of a field in a header (more information: Headers and Footers) or calculate a local field (more information: Defining Local Fields).


Only in these cases do you need to assign a short name.


You are in the Field Selection screen and want to create a new query or change an existing query.

  1. Use the and functions to navigate in the Field Selection screen.

  2. If the input fields for the short names do not appear automatically, choose the Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Short Names Next navigation step On/Off End of the navigation path function.

  3. Type the short names into the appropriate input fields.


    A short name has a maximum of 10 characters. It must always begin with a letter, and contain only letters, numbers, and underscores (' _ ').

Extra Functions

If you want to know whether a short name is needed, place the cursor on the field concerned or on the short name and select Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Short Names Next navigation step References End of the navigation path. You get a list of all the places in the query definition where the short name is used.


This function only returns a where-used list for the short names. It does not indicate which sublists of the query use the associated field.


The section on defining local fields, tells you how to determine a local field that uses the fields Distance and Flight Time. Short names are assigned to these two fields.