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Including the InfoSet Query in a RoleLocate this document in the navigation structure


By including the InfoSet query in a role, you ensure that the InfoSet query is started with an InfoSet (and a query), and can therefore be easily used for appropriate reporting within the role.

The basis for this is the assignment of user groups to roles, the option of calling the InfoSet query from different roles, and, in doing so, noting the specified context for this role.

You assign user groups and InfoSets with transaction SQ10. You can also create and manage menu entries for the InfoSet query with this transaction.

In order to include the InfoSet query in a role, you have to assign user groups first to the role and subsequently to one or more InfoSets.


You have administrator authorization for the SAP Query (authorization object S_Query, field ACTVT, value 23).

Specifying assignments

In order to include the InfoSet query in a role, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up the component for administering roles.

    You have two options:

    You have two options: In the initial screen for the component InfoSet Maintenance (SQ02), choose the entry Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Role Administration End of the navigation path.

    Start transaction SQ10..

    An overview of roles and assigned user groups is displayed.

    The overview refers to the respective user group from either the global area or from the standard area. Using the function Switch Work Area, you can switch between both work areas.


    Check whether the correct work area is set before you reassign user groups. If you call the role administration by using transaction SQ02 (see above), the work area set in transaction SQ02 is transferred.

    The overview shows in the first column all the existing roles (except for roles) that were already assigned a user group from the other respective work area. In the third column, the user groups that are already assigned to a role are displayed.

  2. To assign a user group to a role, click on the button Assign User Group in the second column.

    The Determine User Group dialog box is opened.

  3. Enter the name of the user group.

    You can use a user group that already exists, provided that this user group is not already assigned to a role.

    If you activate the option Create New User Group, the user group is automatically created without requiring further editing with transaction SQ03.

  4. Choose .

    The assigned user group is entered in the third column of the overview. In the fifth column, the button Assign InfoSets is shown.

  5. To assign one or more InfoSets, click on the button Assign InfoSets.

    The screen Assigning InfoSets is displayed, in which all existing InfoSets are displayed.


    Note that the displayed InfoSets are from those that were previously selected from the work area.

  6. Select one or more InfoSets that need to be assigned to a role by clicking on the table in the first column.


    You can remove a selection by clicking on the first column again.

  7. In order to indicate one of the selected InfoSets as the standard InfoSet, activate the respective selection button in the column Standard InfoSet.

    The standard InfoSet is used as a template if the InfoSet query is started by using the menu entry from the role. If no standard InfoSet is specified, an InfoSet has to be selected when calling the InfoSet query as the first part in a dialog.


    We recommend that you always specify a standard InfoSet, so that the user comes across an appropriate environment for his/her role.

  8. Save your assignments by clicking Save, and return to the screen Role Administration for InfoSet Query by clicking Back.

    The standard InfoSet is entered in the fourth column of the overview.


The InfoSet query is available as a menu entry for the role. The available InfoSets are determined using the user group assigned to the role.

Cancel assignments

  1. In order to cancel the assignments for a user group to a role, click on the button Assign User Group in the row of the respective role.

    The dialog box Assigning a Query User Group to a Role appears.

  2. Choose Yes to delete the assignment.

    You return to the Role Administration for InfoSet Query screen.

    The entry for the InfoSet query is removed from the role. Furthermore, all entries from queries that are entered in the role using the method described above are removed.