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Maybe you have made a selection and edited the hit list.

If you do not want to edit the hit list, you can start output without a prior selection. The selection is made automatically before data is output.

You are advised to use data output after you have entered selection criteria. It is possible to start output without selection criteria, but this means that all of the objects that can be selected using the current InfoSet are indeed selected and output. This can result in extremely long runtimes.


  1. If necessary, determine the output settings (see Settings).

  2. In the overview tree, navigate to the required field groups and fields.

  3. Select the required output fields by setting flags in the Output column.

    You can also determine output fields by Drag&Drop. To do so, select one or more fields and drag them to the preview of output.

    You can also determine output fields using the context menu. To do so, select a field and use the right mouse button to access the context menu. In the Output context menu, select one of the output options. (If a field has a text, the options are Text only, Value only, and Value and text. If a field does not have a text, the option is Value only).

    The system transfers the fields to the preview of output as columns. If fields have already been selected for output, the new columns are added to the list after the selected fields.

  4. Format output as required (by changing the order of columns, for example; see Format Output).

  5. To start output in the InfoSet Query screen, choose from the application toolbar in the preview of output.

  6. To start output in a full screen, choose Output.


The information on the selected objects is output in accordance with your entries.

In the standard system, the data records that meet the selection conditions are output for each selected object. However, if you want to output all of the records that exist for each selected object, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path, select the Output tab page, and deselect the Use selection conditions indicator.


In the first step you select everyone whose first place of residence is New York. The result is the set of all persons whose permanent residence is New York.

If the Use selection conditions indicator has been set, all records are output whose permanent residence is New York. If the indicator has not been set, all other places of residence are also output for the selected persons (for example, Tokyo and Munich as well as New York).