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Restrict the reporting set if you only want to run a report for a specific set of objects, such as a particular group of persons.


Restriction Using Organizational Structure

You use an InfoSet from Personnel Administration, that is, an InfoSet based on logical database PNPCE (or PNP).

  1. Under Restrict Reporting Set by, choose the Organizational Structure entry.

  2. To call up the organizational structure, click on the Organizational Structure entry.

  3. Select the required organizational unit(s). You can select one or more organizational units, entire branches of an organizational structure, or a complete organizational structure.

  4. Confirm using .

    The persons belonging to the selected organizational units are transferred as the reporting set. The number of persons is displayed in the Reporting Set field.


    If you make your selection using the organizational structure, the system selects the persons who belong to the selected organizational unit or one of the underlying organizational units. However, if you use the Organizational Unit as a selection field, you must enter the upper-level and underlying organizational units as values to select the same hit list.

Restriction Using Current Hit List

You use an InfoSet as required.

  1. Make your selection as described in Make Selection.

  2. Under Restrict Reporting Set By, choose the Hit List entry.

  3. To transfer the current hit list as a reporting set, click on the Hit List entry.

    The current hit list is transferred as a reporting set, and can be used for further selections. The number of objects is displayed in the Reporting Set field.