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InfoSet Query enables you to output data on selected objects as required. You can start output directly on the InfoSet Query screen, or as a full screen. On the InfoSet Query screen, the results list is output to SAP List Viewer. If you want to output data to a full screen, you can choose between different types of output.


You can choose a type of output list for output. This determines if and how data is aggregated when outputted. You can select one of the following options:

  • Basic List

  • Statistics

  • Ranking List

You can also choose the type of output. This determines how data is displayed when output:

  • SAP List Viewer

  • Standard List

  • Table Control

  • Text Processing

  • Spreadsheet

  • Private File

  • Graphic Display

  • Crystal Reports

  • Info Zoom

You can also format output in the preview of output. This enables you to determine how data is arranged when output (for example, the sequence of columns and output list sorting), and whether numerical columns are totaled.

  1. You use the settings (see Settings) to determine

    • Which type of output list is used

    • Which type of output is used for outputting data to a full screen

    • Whether a selection screen is displayed before output

    • Whether the selection conditions are taken into account when data is output

    • How many ranks are output to a ranked list

    • How data is exported to Crystal Reports

    • Whether the value or text is used when output fields are selected using Drag&Drop or checkboxes

  2. You select output fields from the overview tree by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in the Output column, by using Drag&Drop, or by using the appropriate context menu. You can determine the output fields at the same time as the selection fields, or after you have made your selection. You can choose output fields from the field groups as required.


    You can output all data on the selected persons as a Value, and you can also output some of the data as a Text. For example, the form-of-address key: Value: 01, Text: Mr; value: 01, Text: Miss.

    The icon used to flag a field indicates whether the field has a text. The context menu for each field with a text enables you to determine whether the text, the value, or both are output. If you select fields by using the checkboxes or Drag&Drop, the standards determined under Settings apply.

  3. You use the preview of output to format output as required (see Format Output).

  4. You start output in the InfoSet Query screen, or as a full screen.