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Function documentationEH&S Expert Cache Initialization


You can improve the performance of the EH&S Expert during secondary data determination by entering the specification data redundantly in the local cache of the EH&S Expert server. Specifications that are used frequently for Expert runs, but are not often changed, are suitable for local storage. To use this function, you have to initialize the cache of the EH&S Expert server.


Under EH&S Expert Server Administration (transaction CGSADM), you have specified the directory for the EH&S Expert cache for the global Expert parameter CacheRoot.


  1. Open the TCP/IP Connections folder in transaction SM59.

  2. Double-click on the EH&S Management Server (for example, EHS_MANSRV_EXPERT) to open it.

    The server is specified on the Technical Settings tab page, in the Gateway Host field under Gateway Options.

  3. In transaction SM51, select the server entered in the Gateway Host (see steps 1-2).

  4. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Remote Login. End of the navigation path

    The Start SAP Easy Access screen appears.

  5. Enter transaction CGSADM.

  6. Open the active EH&S Expert Server (Active (Active)) by double-clicking it.

  7. Choose Initialize Cache (Initialize Cache).

    The Initialize File Cache dialog box appears.

  8. Choose an initialization mode:

    • Delete Cache: All entries in the cache directory are deleted before the specifications from the specification list are entered.

    • Expand Cache: Specifications from the specification list are written to the cache directory. Existing entries in the cache directory that are not in the list are left unchanged.

    • Update Cache: Entries in the cache directory that are not in the specification list are deleted. Entries that are in the list, but not in the cache, are added.

  9. Make entries for the specifications and choose Continue (Continue).

    A message appears that informs you that the cache initialization was started as a background job.