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Function documentationApplication Exit via AppCC BAdI


For every Application Configuration Controller (AppCC) component configuration you can create an associated Business Add-In (BAdI) implementation. The filter key for the BAdI is the AppCC component configuration name. The implementation informs the configurator what the generic key is going to be and how it has to be interpreted.


The BADI interface IF_HRESS_EX_PER_CONFIG_KEY contains the following methods:


    This method returns the text that the configurator displays for generic key.


    This method returns the appropriate key value for a particular PERNR.

For more information, see BAdI documentation.


To implement the BAdI, execute the activity in Customizing for Employee Self-Service under Start of the navigation path Service-Specific Settings Next navigation step Personal Information Next navigation step Personal Profile Next navigation step Customizing of Personal Profile Screens Next navigation step BAdI: Determine Customer-Specific Key Screen Replacement End of the navigation path.