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 Monitoring Payments


The Monitor for External Cash Desk Services (SAP Easy Access screen: Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step External Cash Desk Services End of the navigation path ) enables you to manage and monitor payments received using Process Integration (PI). This gives you access to: master data, agent postings, successful messages for external payments, deposits, withdrawals, difference postings, G/L postings, outgoing payments, and account balances of external cash desks. You can make the data selection at the level of the external cash desk or the agent and using further selection criteria.The Monitor for External Cash Desk Services is based on the ALV technology which means that you can configure the display individually.


On the Overview, XI Monitor, Payments , and Agent Postings tab pages, you can use the following functions:


Here you can select the grouping key and the master data by date and date intervals. The selection by master data delivers all payments with their respective status as well as the specification of the agent or the cash desk. The selection by grouping key delivers the status of all grouping keys for external payments. If the status is incorrect, here you can, for example, repeat postings to correct the error and then determine the new status via a refresh. You can also see the number of payments posted per cash desk/branch; they are displayed split according to successful and unsuccessful postings.

XI Monitor

This tab page shows all XI messages for an enterprise service . Here you can navigate directly to the XI messages for a message category. (However, you cannot select cash desks and branches.) Double click the document number of a payment to navigate to the document display.


At the cash desk or branch level, you can monitor all messages received from a business view. You receive information about all payments according to their respective status, which can have one of the following values:





Payment posted successfully (document number exists)


Repetition planned


Payment lot was created (payment lot number exists)


Item could not be processed


Payment was reversed


Reversal in repetition


Payment reversed, no posting necessary


Payment posted, document exists


Reversal unsuccessful, payment lot created

(The system was unable to post the reversal and has therefore created a corresponding reversal payment lot for the reversal.)

Using the pushbuttons in the toolbar above the table you can:




Direct call of XI message for a payment


Repeat posting of a payment or repeat reversal

In Payment Lot

Addition of items to payment lots

Payment Lot

Display of payment lots

Note to Payee

Display of payment usage information specified ( PaymentExplanation ) for a payment

Agent Information

Call of information for external cash desks

You can post payments with status R and X by choosing Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step External Cash Desk Services Next navigation step Repeat External Payments/Reversals End of the navigation path on the SAP Easy Access screen.

By double-clicking on the corresponding symbol for an item you can display the last message for an entry.

Agent Postings

This tab page displays all payments for a grouping key. Here you can monitor individual payments of a grouping or individual XI messages. To reach a specific balance, you can manually post differences for a grouping key.

Cash Journal Operations

Here you can display information on all postings in the cash journal, along with their status. In addition, you can repeat the posting for postings that were not successful, or set their status to Manual Postprocessing Required . After manual posting has taken place, you can set the status Manual Clarification here. You can also update all postings received using enterprise services.

Cash Balance

The tab page shows the cash balance for all postings. You can check the cash balance at two different levels - for the branch or for the cash desk of a branch.

Management of Payment Lots

You can access payment lot management in the menu under Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Lot Management. End of the navigation path You have to post items added to a payment lot by the repetition of the posting here. You can also close and post the payment lot created for each branch or for each cash desk of a branch. The status of a payment lot tells you whether a payment lot is to be closed, to be posted, or to be postprocessed.