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  Phrase Set Assignment


This function helps you to assign phrases from the active phrase library to phrase sets.

The phrases in a phrase set can be used as the value set for the value assignment of a characteristic or field in the SAP Environment, Health and Safety ( EH&S ) component. The exact assignment of the phrase set to a characteristic or a field is made in Phrase Set-to-Attribute Assignment .


  • You can only assign phrases from the active library to phrase sets.

  • You have defined the phrase sets in phrase set management.


In phrase management, the SAP system enables you to assign phrases to phrase sets as follows:

  • In phrase set assignment, you can assign any number of phrase sets to a phrase.

  • You can select any number of phrases in the hit list and assign these to a phrase set simultaneously.

    Note Note

    If you delete the assignment of a phrase to a phrase set, but assign the phrase as a value to a characteristic, you can only change and save the assignment if you assign another value to the characteristic. Otherwise, you can simply cancel the value assignment altogether.

    End of the note.


Assigning a Phrase to Multiple Phrase Sets
  1. In the hit list for the selected phrases, in the phrase header, or in the phrase item, choose Phrase Set.

    The Edit Phrase: Phrase Set Assignment screen appears.

  2. Enter the phrase sets to which you want to assign the phrase.

  3. Save your entries.

Assigning Multiple Phrases to One Phrase Set
  1. In the phrase hit list, select the phrases you want to assign to a phrase set.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Assign to Phrase Set End of the navigation path .

    The Assign phrases to phrase set dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the phrase set and confirm your entries.

  4. Save your entries.

    Note Note

    You can check the assignment by choosing Phrase Set . The phrase set assignment screen appears. Here you can call the previously selected phrases one after the other using the function with the quick info text Previous Phrase or with the quick info text Next Phrase , to check the assigned phrase set.

    End of the note.