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 Reversal of Payments


Reversal of a payment in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable


With the Enterprise Service CashPointPaymentReverseNotification , you can reverse payments previously sent to an offline branch from a cash desk. However, a reversal is only possible until you call the Enterprise Service for day-end closing.

The Enterprise Service for the reversal supports individual and mass reversals.

You can read the status of a payment in the Monitor for External Cash Desk Services .

The system automatically creates a reconciliation key or reuses a relevant reconciliation key for the posting of reversals. The syntax of the reconciliation key corresponds to the form EXCYYMMTT, whereby EXC is a fixed prefix, YY signifies the current year, MM the current month, and DD the current day. The nnn places receive a sequential numbering from 001 to 999. If a reconciliation key cannot be reused on the same day, the system calls the reconciliation key with the next number.