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 Summarizing Posting Lines


The postings lines that are created when revenues are posted or canceled (VF44/VF46) are summarized in financial accounting, that is, the items are grouped into one or more items based on the defined rules. This prevents a high data volume on the balance sheet accounts.


If you want documents to be summarized, you have made the following settings:

  • In Customizing for FI, you have set up standard summarization.

  • You have specified the summarization amount in Customizing for revenue recognition, or using a Business Transaction Event (BTE).To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Sales and Distribution Next navigation step System Modifications Next navigation step Business Transaction Events. End of the navigation path

  • You have activated document summarization in revenue recognition.

    Note Note

    For more information, see SAP Note 940789 Activation: Document Summarization (Revenue Recognition) .

    End of the note.


Document summarization

When you post revenues using revenue recognition (VF44) or revenue reversal (VF46), the system automatically creates an accounting document. The number of revenue lines in the accounting document reflects the number of postings. When the accounting document is passed on to accounting, the revenue lines can be summarized and a compressed accounting document created. Summation is only possible for items that correspond in all fields except for the values fields. You make the settings in Customizing for FI.

Collective processing

You can summarize the revenue postings for all posting levels.Summarization is advisable under the following posting levels:

  • Collective processing level

  • Collective processing level (with new collective processing numbers)

If you are working with large volumes of data, use the collective processing level (with new collective processing numbers) to prevent performance problems with document display.

The accounting document contains the relevant collective processing number.

Limiting revenue lines and documents

In Customizing for revenue recognition, you can specify the number of posting lines using a Business Transaction Event (BTE). By default, a maximum of 996 revenue lines is processed for each accounting document.

You can also determine the number of SD documents that should be processed per package. In the standard, a maximum of 300 documents is processed per package.