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 Updating the Cost


You can specify if and when the cost (condition type VPRS) should be updated in the revenue recognition process based on IFRS/U.S. GAAP (International Financial Reporting Standards and U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).


The cost update (VPRS update function) is only relevant for the Billing application and is executed in the following processes:

  • Third-party business transactions with and without reference to contracts

  • Goods issue with delivery-related billing

  • Goods issue with order-related billing

  • Goods issue with contract-related billing

  • Service contract release orders with contract-related billing


For selected company codes, you can define the point in time at which you want the cost to be updated:

  • Immediate update when the billing document is created (at goods issue, for example)

  • Later update by carrying out the following activities:

    • Update Costs transaction

      Called in SAP Easy Access under Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Billing Next navigation step Billing Document Next navigation step VF_VPRS End of the navigation path Update Costs

    • Background processing (job scheduling for report SDINVUPDR)

      Called straight from transaction VF_VPRS – Update Costs